Below is a chronological list of the posts as I have written them.


32-The Italian

33-The Italian 2

34-Christian 2

34-You know where to find me

35-Le petite mort

36-The gun

37-Un petite tard

38-A view through a cloudy window

39-Blow me already, woman

40-Rug rats

41-Like an English woman


43-It's who you know

44-Friends with benefits

45-Please, please, please

46-I had a bet

47-Fuck buddy

48-Dear John

49-Photographic evidence

50-Style or lack of it

51-Snow in July

52-Novella or Memoir

53-Lucky me

54-The clock is ticking 1

55-The clock is ticking 2

56-Mission Impossible  7

57-Mission Impossible 6

58-Mission Impossible 5

59-Mission Impossible 4

60-Mission Impossible 3


91-An Italian Odyssey

92-Lunch with Ingrid 3

93-Lunch with Ingrid 4

94-On sex and relationships

95-Dear Bitch

96-Gap year

97-Lunch with Ingrid 5

98-An English woman abroad

99-A happy return

100-A Persistent memory



103-I know

104-I know.....again



107-Life's twists and turns